World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR) is the umbrella organization representative of Sikhs in the United States. It is the representative and elected body of Sikh Gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship) and institutions that meet its criteria for membership. Currently 57 Gurdwaras and other Sikh institutions across the nation are members of WSC-AR. The major governing purpose of the organization is to represent the collective view of all Sikhs in the United States. WSC-AR works to promote Sikh interests at the national and international level focusing on issues of advocacy, education, and well-being of humankind.

1# One Universal Creator

In service of Humanity for the well being of all Creation. Inspired by Equality, Compassion, Mutual Respect, and Social Justice.


To serve the interests of Sikhs in the United States and worldwide, and motivate them
to realize our vision through a Gurmat and Sikh Rehat Maryada based framework.


To assist Sikh individuals and institutions in their efforts to
  • Preserve, promote, and socialize Sikh spiritual and cultural heritage
  • Advance socio-economic interests of Sikhs
  • Develop and promote Sikh studies programs
  • Cultivate a nurturing environment for Sikh youth
  • Uphold Sikh Rehat Maryada

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